The Destruction Of An Addicted World

Addiction is a powerful thing. It can be discrete and hide behind something. Most addictions are destructive. Even if it’s an addiction to something good, it will most likely either damage you or someone else. A lot of people would be addicted to things and not even realise it. Like social media. They find themselves always checking back, always with the phone in hand checking how many more likes they’ve gotten on their latest #instadaily. They will make justifications as to why that is when they catch themselves doing it. But as a result of doing it so often, it becomes a habit.  I’ve been through this and I hate it. I would always take my phone out when standing in a line or waiting for someone, with the head down and phone out just scrolling through a Facebook or Instagram feed. Then I’d get bored of those platforms and move on to reddit or twitter. Just constantly being bombarded with useless and meaningless information.


Social media addiction is one of the most difficult addictions today because it’s so intelligently constructed. It plays into a lot of our natural instincts. We have a natural urge to see what other people are doing and to show people what we are doing. We want validation. And social media is the best place to get it. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I think it ties into the whole PC culture. We want validation because we are insecure. We want to be agreed with and for people to like what we like and hold the beliefs that we hold. PC culture is based on people wanting a ‘safe space’ where they won’t be offended. They don’t want to be offended because that would mean that someone disagrees with what they believe in, and as such, they don’t get the validation that they want. This results in them feeling uncomfortable and god forbid someone feels uncomfortable about who they are.

Being uncomfortable instigates action. Action to change yourself for the better, and that doesn’t mean that you change your beliefs or what you stand for. It purely means that you change how you look at yourself. You stop caring about the validation, and you believe in something because you believe it is right or just or ethical. You stop caring whether or not people will support those beliefs. You give yourself validation as opposed to letting other people dictate what you like and don’t like. If the biggest problem you have in this world is that you get offended, then you are one of the luckiest people on the planet. People in western cultures complaining about how it’s against their rights that someone doesn’t refer to them by their preferred pronoun, act as if their feelings are the most important thing in the world.

The fact that they even have the ability to complain about their feelings on a large scale, shows how easy life is for them. There are people who wake up in the morning and know that today might be their last day. There are people who are constantly worried about where the next meal is coming from, or if their families are safe, or if some western country will decide to bomb them today. Hundreds of innocent people die every day, but all you care about is how you felt when someone offended you? And not only that but it was your country that killed those people. The news will publish story after story about feminism and PC culture but ignore the mass murdering that their government is currently spearheading. But it’s ok because they’re not bombing western countries…


The easiest way to corrupt the youth is to convince them that its better to befriend and respect only those who hold the same beliefs and values as they do. Change doesn’t happen by everyone blindly following the pack. It happens when people talk and argue about it. You analyse both sides of the argument without any bias. This is why the feminist movement is such a disease. Everyone supporting it has an emotional attachment to it. I had dinner with my sister yesterday, and I mentioned how stupid and futile some feminist arguments were and she immediately hit back. And it’s not like there was a logical argument to it, it was just cheap statements that all the feminists throw around.

Social media addiction has a lot of knock-on effects. I would compare it to a sugar addiction. No one wants to admit or even believe that they are addicted to sugar. When someone who is addicted to sugar gets a craving they just put it down to hunger. So they say ‘well I’m hungry, so I better eat. What do I like to eat? Chocolate!’. And if you mention this to those people, like I have, they go crazy. I think it’s hilarious that people will argue something with you without even educating themselves on the topic. But then again why would someone bother reading a book or scientific research when they can just get all of their information from someone they follow on twitter?

Everyone thinks the world will be destroyed by bombs and guns and warfare, but I think it’ll be destroyed by people who act on emotions and who participate in dogmatic thought.


My Health And Fitness Journey That Was A Fucking Rollercoaster Ride

When I first got into health and nutrition, I was about 12-13 years old, I can’t remember the exact age. I have this tendency when I start new things to go to the extreme with it and then moderate it a bit better afterwards. I was always a chubby kid, not very chubby but I had some excess fat that I wasn’t proud of, and I was in a very sporty school where half my year was ripped to shreds, which made me all the more self-conscious. So I started eating well and dieting. I was so determined that I wouldn’t even let myself eat one small biscuit. I would get a craving for sugar, and I’m such a psycho with this stuff, I would open up the press at home where all the sugary food was that my siblings loved, and I’d let myself just stare at it for a little while, before closing the press door and walking away in quiet desperation.

On top of that, I was doing High-Intensity Interval Training, which if you don’t know is hands down the most effective way to lose fat, and I was burning 1-2 thousand calories a day. My caloric intake, of course, would have been much lower than that. Looking back it was stupid and exceptionally unhealthy, but I was young and stubborn (still am) and had the whole ‘I know what I’m doing’ mentality. On top of the HIIT training, I was going it first thing in the morning so that my body had fasted, and as such burned more calories.


After a few months, my mother forced me to stop as I was borderline anorexic. It was then that I realised that I was being an idiot, and I began eating more. After a few months, I had put back on everything I had lost. This cycle would go on for the next 5 years. I would find a new method of fat loss and go crazy with it and then put all the weight back on. Running was a big one. Myself and a good friend of mine would wake up early at school (boarding school) and go for a run before breakfast, then we would go for a run again after class, and then do ab workouts after that run, and we did that every day for quite a while. A year or two later, myself and my friend would do 500 pushups a day. We started out doing 100, then 300, then 500. We did that every day for quite a while.

Cycling was another big one for me. It was 2-3 years ago that I got into it. My mother bought me a racing bike, and over the summer holidays, I would do 60 kilometres a day, every day. And Ireland is not a flat country, my god. I would regularly cycle to Dublin airport, where there is a road that is parallel to the runway, so it was as straight as an arrow and as flat as can be. It was the best part of the route, as I push myself every day to go faster than the previous day and break my record. I did go overboard with the cycling, however, as I wasn’t eating enough and as a result, my muscles didn’t have enough fuel to recover properly. There was one occasion where I went out mid-afternoon, and it was the biggest mistake I had made that summer. The first part of the route was fine, but then my muscles gave out when I had 30km left. There was no other way to get home and I was way too proud to call someone to pick me up. I was moving so slowly that it had gotten dark out, and I didn’t have a light on the bike as I only cycled during the day, and so I had to hold my iPhone 4 on the handlebars with the flashlight on, which wasn’t much good. Every single car that went by beeped at me and some even shouted out the window. I live on a country road where there are no street lamps so I was shit scared because country people ALWAYS speed on these roads. I got home safe and sound in the end, but my parents were livid, as it was pitch black out and I was out for so long. It was then that I decided to pay more attention to getting enough rest.


I used to push myself so hard that I would feel the oxygen being used up in my body with every push of the leg. I would take a deep breath and feel my muscles loosen up, and then after a few seconds, they would tighten again as they were using it so quickly. Never in my life have I felt pain like oxygen depletion while bombing down a country road. Then I got into weightlifting, which `i didn’t really go overboard with, but I was doing it terribly. I wasn’t using the right techniques and was focusing more on the weight I was lifting as opposed to HOW I was lifting it. This was mostly due to my school gym being filled with guys benching 100kg+ and doing bicep curls with weights that I would squat with. The main reason I even started going to the gym was that my good friend who I used to run and do push-ups with, was a big Slav whose arms were the size of my legs, and we would spot each other and work out together.

It was as a result of this that I realised that most people don’t start because they don’t want to be seen starting at the bottom, and it was then that I decided never to be like most people. And I suppose that applies to a lot more aspects of life rather than just the gym. If I didn’t have someone to lift with, I probably wouldn’t have started just because of the intimidation of walking into a gym filled with grunting men who laughed at you while you tried to do a pull-up.

Everything I learnt from these escapades has stuck with me today. I have perfected my diet and have a healthy routine of weightlifting and cardio (running and boxing). I have learnt that the most important thing with any form of exercise is listening to your body. I made the mistake of ignoring the pain and I can tell you it is never with those extra calories to damage your body. The human body is an extremely complex and intelligent organism. If it is telling you something, it means something.

Training is much like studying. You can be as determined as you like, but if you don’t train or study intelligently you’re going to waste a lot of time and the results won’t be nearly as good. I’ll leave it there.


The Hunt For The Next ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scheme

People are doing things at a younger age with each generation. With the likes of Zuckerberg becoming the youngest billionaire, he seemed to start a trend. Which is actually kind of funny because the platform he developed is now used by teenagers everywhere to make some money. I follow lots of 19-year-olds on youtube who make a few million a year through dropshipping, social media marketing and other pursuits, some of the really good ones make online courses and do one on one consulting. Some have even gone down the Grant Cardone route and made online universities and have hosted conferences all around the world. And they are 19 years old! That kind of stuff was unheard of 30 years ago.

30 years ago, entrepreneurial teenagers had lemonade stands and traded baseball cards. Today, entrepreneurial teenagers rake in a few thousand a month or even a week, and they do it using a laptop. The laptop lifestyle is probably one of the most liberating business models out there. With a computer and a wifi connection, you can sell products to some idiot on the other side of the globe. You can make money while you sleep, I’ve even done that. Then we look at cryptocurrencies. The market is unregulated so anyone can buy into it, unlike stocks where you have to make a certain amount of money. The likes of JP Morgan will only accept big players who are willing to invest $1m+. There are so many stories of people trading Bitcoin and being able to pay off student debt (US). Crypto is the new penny stocks, although quite a lot of them have surpassed that criteria.


You can even see it on Instagram. Young kids are the doing shit that we do now. They completely skip the normal childhood experience and go straight into buying supreme or caking themselves in makeup. To me, it seems that we have a burning desire to grow up. And I know that older people will say ‘Enjoy your childhood while it lasts, growing old ain’t fun’, but it’s difficult to see that from a young perspective. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, and the younger we are the less respect we command from older generations. Ageism is real, but to be fair a lot of teenagers don’t deserve the respect that they want.

You see, lots of people try dropshipping and lots of people try crypto trading and lots of people try every form of online business, and most of those people fail. And they fail because they’re looking to make a quick buck. They think that they can set up a quick store on the web, which is exceptionally easy by the way, and then expect to make stacks and stacks because that 19-year-old on youtube said it was easy. And in comparison to starting a brick & mortar store, it is very easy, if the store fails, no prob start again. But it’s not as easy as they make it out to be, Making any money requires some level of expertise, and that can only be obtained through CONSTANT research and constantly making mistakes. And so when all these people try it and fail, they suddenly realise this and they quit because they couldn’t be bothered to put any effort into anything really. And they just keep looking for the next get rich quick scheme.

People who try crypto trading are enticed into it, by teenagers and college dropout traders who tell them on twitter and youtube that it’s easy. And not only that but they tell them that all it takes it a few clicks of a button and voilà, you’ll make profit from buying and selling ‘fake’ money. So these people try it out, and they put some money in, blindly of course, because no one wants to learn beforehand, and they play into their emotions and rush to buy crypto as soon as they possibly can. Some of them get rekt almost instantly, and call it a scam and go back to looking for the next get rich quick scheme. Others make some profit, mainly through luck, and then pump more of their money into it, and then get rekt because they have no idea what they’re doing. And then they call it a scam and go back to looking for the next get rich quick scheme.

Now I was actually one of those people. I put €200 on bitcoin when it was about 2.5k, this was back in August 2017 (back in the good o’l days). And after two weeks it pumped to over 3k, and I was making profit. And I felt like hot shit. Ho ho I had just made profit by buying some fucking digital asset while sitting on my ass. I, of course, knew very little about crypto and absolutely nothing about trading, so I didn’t take profit, because of my emotions getting the better of me, and instead, I pumped my entire life savings into it. The next week BTC went through a 40% correction and I got rekt. Of course being the noob I was, I sold at the bottom, and almost instantly afterwards, BTC decided it was time to start going back up again. Now I don’t want to come across as a pretentious cunt, although I probably already have, but I wasn’t going to quit after the market had just robbed me.


I decided to learn as much as possible about the technology and the community and trading, especially trading psychology. And after a few months of making mistakes, I suddenly got pretty good at it. After maybe 3 months I had made back all the money I had lost as a result of being an idiot, and then come November I started making proper money. I learnt a lot along the way, and most importantly I learnt that no matter how stuck our hopeless you feel, as long as you keep learning and have faith that you will become as good as the guys up top someday, then it will happen. And so now, after my first two online stores have failed, which cost me well over a thousand and maybe more (I’m trying not to keep track), I have faith that I will succeed. I’m not going to become another one of those idiots with no backbone or resilience, and just quit after the first hurdle. The race has yet to be won, and although there are lots of other hurdles ahead, the more I jump the better my technique gets.

I won’t let myself become anyone other than the guy I see in the mirror.


Aiming For This Side Of Greatness

We have become accustomed to mediocrity. On a daily basis nothing truly amazing happens, well other than the fact that we wake up on a spinning planet that revolves around a giant fireball in a universe of unimaginable size. Nothing that we would consider amazing or out of the ordinary happens. And as a result, we have become accustomed to the mediocrity of the average life. And so when someone either falls or rises to one of the two extremes, as in the go from the ordinary to extraordinary, it is difficult for people to grasp.

When someone goes from being ordinary and doing the same shit everyone does to doing something that would be considered ‘great’, people don’t like it. People suddenly realise what they aren’t, and that angers them. They try to pull you back to the ordinary, just like crabs in a bucket will pull each other down because that crab can get fucked if he thinks he’s leaving the rest of us here.


Greatness is an extreme, and as such it requires extreme action. People will look at you and say that what you do is unhealthy or they’ll say something like ‘the light that burns twice as bright, burns twice as fast’. But everyone remembers a rocket launch that lasts a few seconds, and no one remembers the light bulb that burned for a few months before being thrown into a landfill. And not only that but the efficient light bulbs burns twice a bright and just as long. People don’t seem to realise that the fuel you put into your vehicle has a major effect on the performance of said vehicle. You fill your body with McDonald’s and grease your going to burn half as bright and half as long, and you’ll suffer heart disease or diabetes along the way.

Einstein was criticised, as was Elon Musk, as was Nietzsche, as were all the greats who went before us. All the greats who will come after us will also be criticised because no one wants people to do what they couldn’t. But the only way to become great is to do what they don’t. If you want to be in the 1% you have to do what the 99% don’t do. I’ve had people tell me that most entrepreneurs fail and that most of those that do fail are now on the streets because they put everything they had into it and it failed. Which is true, this has happened to lots of people. But I have much more respect and admiration for those people than the people telling me to get a concrete job and the people who tell me to have a fail-safe ‘just in case’.


To get to the extreme of greatness you have to do something extreme. The most effective way to secure your success is to put yourself in a position where you have no other choice than to succeed. You don’t win a race by leaving 10% in the tank. You also don’t win a race by spending all your time planning how you’re going to win. Experience is the best teacher and it’s also a bitch. So you either grow some balls and accept the reality of what it takes to land yourself on the right side of greatness, or you fall on the wrong side where everyone will laugh at you for even trying. Lots of people try and lots of people fail. To get yourself in places where they will never reach you have to go all in every day.

A genius is someone who shoots at something no one else can see and hits it.

Choose your target and never lose sight of it, no matter how thick the fog gets.


Lessons From A Con-Artist – Frank Abagnale

You will probably not be very familiar with the name Frank Abagnale, however, you probably will be familiar with his life. He’s the guy Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed in the movie Catch Me If You Can. One of the greatest con artists in history who at the age of 16 posed as a PanAm pilot and flew over 1 million miles for free. He also posed as a doctor, a teacher and an attorney. He also forged cheques, which led to his arrest at the age of 21, but not before he scared the banks for several million dollars.

After he was arrested he spent 5 years in jail, his sentence was 12 years, however, the FBI needed his help to catch other con artists so they cut him a deal and he went to work for them. To this day he still works in close contact with the FBI. I recently listened to a talk he gave at Google, and although I was blown away by how articulate this man is, I also took away some important lessons.


When asked about how he dealt with being an impostor he simply replied that he didn’t think about it, he just did it. He said he never intended on posing as an actual pilot, he just wanted the uniform so that he could cash cheques, as the bank wouldn’t take cheques from a schoolboy. And one thing led to another and before he knew it he was deadheading on flights all around the country. But the important thing to remember that he had irrational confidence, and as a result, no one doubted him for a second. Not only because he acted the part but because he also looked the part. He was dressed like a pilot and talked like a pilot and he carried himself like a pilot.

I just finished reading Jordan Belfort’s book, The Way Of The Wolf, and in it, he recounts telling his ‘Stratonites’ something very similar. He would tell them; “Act as if you’re a wealthy man, rich already, and you will become rich. Act as if you have unmatched confidence, and you will become confident. Act as if you have all the answers and the answers will come to you.”

To me, it seems like humans need to be pushed in a certain direction, and this can be seen everywhere. People are attracted to things that have social proof. On social media, people are more likely to like a photo if other people like it. People are more likely to like someone if lots of other people like that person. Even look at consumerism. The consumers don’t tell the designers what they want, the designers just design shit and tell consumers that they want it, and as a result, they do want it. In Frank Abagnale’s case, he told people he was a pilot with such confidence and ease that no one dared question him. He stood in front of a class with such confidence that the students believed he was a teacher. Jordan Belfort would carry himself like a wealthy man and as such people didn’t doubt otherwise, needless to say, that he was quite a wealthy man.

People need to be told what they want, so it seems that as long as you sell yourself with unmatched confidence than you can become anyone. Of course it goes with saying that having unmatched confidence is probably not the easiest thing to have in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information and lights and distractions and weird people and more weird people and a narcissistic world leader who is so obviously manipulated by anyone who gives him praise and who keeps taunting an unstable psychopath.

I met up with a good friend of mine yesterday, and we went to a sushi place that allows you to bring your own bottle, but we realised that it was only wine that was allowed only as we were walking in. We went in, however, with a bottle of something that defiantly wasn’t wine and was a helluva lot stronger than wine too. We walked right in and placed the bottle on the table and no one said otherwise. We smiled to ourselves as we gracefully operated the chopsticks and savoured the California and snow crab roll, which washing it down with our ‘wine’.

Frank and Jordan had it right, be irrationally self-confident and no one will dare question you.


Relativity And Opinions

We all know the common narrative of ‘you shouldn’t care about what people think of you’. Its a lot easier said than done and it’s really only something you can learn from experience. I personally am going through this now, I’m beginning to become more confident in myself and what I’m doing which is allowing me to go through my day without worrying about what others think. But I find it very difficult all the same.

I started reading Einstein by Walter Isaacson, last night, and it has put this concept in perspective for me. Einstein’s family maid, called him ‘the dopey one’ when he was a young boy, as he was a bit of a late bloomer and couldn’t form proper speech for the first few years of his life. His teachers also said he wouldn’t amount to much, needless to say, they couldn’t have been more wrong. But why did they look at him in such degrading ways? Because he was outside the social norm.


He was an outsider. He took longer to learn how to speak than most others, he was rebellious and had no respect for authority. His school teachers and parents scolded him for not obeying commands, while they gave gold stars to the kids who did everything they told them to and got good grades. But when you look at all these kids who would have been in Einstein’s class, how many made any sort of impact on the world? And not just that but which one of those kids would change the world even after his death. Einstein is now a brand for genius. You hear the name and you think of greatness, you think of a legacy.

That dopey little kid would go on to think up impossible concepts such as relativity, which was proved only two years ago by the way. That dopey little one was one hundred years ahead of his time. And no one saw it coming. The opinions of others are based on their own experience. If someone can’t do something, and you try to do that exact same thing, they will form a distasteful opinion of your ambition to do the thing they couldn’t.


Einstein had a famous thought experiment that he did for gravity. He would imagine placing a bowling ball on a two-dimensional plane, much like a trampoline, and then he would imagine throwing smaller balls onto the plain and watch them swirl around towards the bowling ball in the centre. He would then imagine that motion happening in the third dimension. Although he couldn’t speak for a long time, he sure as hell had quite the imagination.

But from our perspective, all we would see is a dopey little kid who couldn’t speak and had a major ADHD problem. If Einstein was alive today, he’d be put on Adderall, and probably a whole other host of pharmaceuticals, that would have hindered his imagination. Because when we look at people all we see is the outside product. There is no way that anyone could have seen the genius inside that dopey kid. Our bodies are merely vessels to protect and feed the brain. And the brain is merely a vessel for the consciousness to live and thrive. People will judge you at first for your outside product, but no one can see the passion, the fire and the potential that you have within yourself.

A good friend of mine would always tell me the same Einstein quote;

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life believing it is stupid.


The Definitive Argument Against Socialism

Many people have this idea that capitalism is absolutely terrible and should be abolished. Mainly because 1% of the population has 80% of the world’s wealth. But few seem to realise that the 1% also created 80% of the wealth in the world. There wouldn’t be all that wealth for them to have if it wasn’t for the companies and corporations they built. And not only that but they are trying to latch onto an attractive idea, not a realistic one, which I outlined in my previous post.


All the people who hate capitalism are the people who feel hard done by. The people who sat on their asses all their life watching a select few become the richest people alive. These kinds of people will say that everyone deserves equal pay and that the wealth of the world is distributed unevenly and unfairly. Is it distributed unevenly? Absolutely. Is it distributed unfairly? Absolutely NOT. No one put a gun to your head and told you to buy the things you buy. People will buy an iPhone that they know is heavily overpriced and then complain about how much Apple Inc. is worth ($800 Billion). Buy buying an iPhone you are adding to that wealth. People seem to forget that a purchase is a transfer of wealth.

And that’s essentially what wages are too. If you have a job that pays €10 an hour, you are putting a valuation of €10 on your time. But a business will only hire you if they can make a profit on you. No business is going to hire you if they’re going to lose money by doing so. And so if you put a value of €10 on your time, then they put a valuation of more than €10 on your time. They value your time more than you value your own, that way they make a profit off you. That’s business, it will never be any other way. BUT, no one is putting a gun to your head to work there. If you accept €10 an hour, then that must be the best price you can get for your time, otherwise, you’d go somewhere else that will hire you for a higher valuation.

Then there’s an argument that in Asia people are grossly underpaid, and are forced to work in sweatshops and what not. Now, this argument is subject to a false narrative and also a self-centred and uneducated point of view. People will argue that Asian workers are not paid enough to live comfortably. In actual fact they are. You see, those same people fail to realise that those Asian workers are NOT complaining. The people complaining are westerners who think that the entire world operates in the same way their country does. And so if they can’t survive with a wage less than €10 an hour than no one else can, especially not a factory worker in China paid €3 an hour. But most factories in Asia have campuses for the workers, so the workers need not spend money on transport and accommodation so they can live relatively cheap. Not only that but the cost of living would be much lower than most western countries.


Asian countries have the fastest growing economies in the world. If we try to impose that they increase wages, then factories would cut employment drastically and some businesses would even have to exit the market. This would lead to chaos and huge unemployment, not to mention the effect it would have on the global economy. You see, the west cannot deny these countries the ability to go through the phases that our counties have already gone through. Capitalism works. I don’t know how people can’t see this. In the year 1820, the wealthiest man in the world was Cornelius Vanderbilt. His net worth would have been the equivalent of $300 Billion today. His net worth was three times greater than the wealthiest man in the world today (Jeff Bezos). He had $300 Billion at his disposal, yet he had no flushing toilet, no running water and no electricity. Today you can have all three of those things AND still be considered poor. Capitalism provides an incredible standard of living.

Now let’s take a look at socialism. Can you give me one example of socialism actually working in the last 200 years, or better yet, ever? You probably can’t. And there’s a good reason for that…it doesn’t work. People will tweet about Capitalism killing culture and destroying lives, from a brand new iPhone, which they paid almost triple the cost price for. Then there’s a narrative that capitalism doesn’t allow any sense of individualism. It’s actually quite the opposite. I keep saying this but, no one is putting a gun to your head telling you how to dress and how to live. You have a choice. You always have a choice, there actually no way of not having a choice. Even if you decide not to choose, you are making a choice not to choose. You can dress whatever way you like as long as you have the means to get the clothes. You could even make your own clothes if you really dislike wearing the same thing as everyone else. The biggest clothing brands became that big because people liked what they were selling, simple as. Capitalism provides a huge scope for individualism.

People keep chasing attractive ideas and rejecting realistic ideas. No one seems to want to accept the truth. And this can be seen everywhere. People will do anything to lose weight, EXCEPT eat well and exercise. People will always look for a ‘get rich quick scheme’, which they will never find, as opposed to putting real work and effort into building a business. People will call themselves realists but chase fantasy.

What a world we live in!