Competition – The Key To Meaning

There’s no competition in the world anymore. Everyone passes through life based on the things told to them as opposed to experienced by themselves. Their parents and the mass media tell us how to live our lives. Everyone goes through the educational system, gets a job, gets married, has kids then dies. There’s no competition. Wheres the good old camaraderie of trying to be better than the opposition? In college you have exams, but everyone gets the results they deserve most of the time, it’s very individualistic. After college people get jobs (most of the time), but again it’s all very individualistic. There’s no sense of competition in regards to life. And I think there needs to be.


Some of you will be familiar with game theory. The underlying principles that define cryptocurrency protocols. One of the main points in game theory is providing an incentive. There needs to be an incentive for people to mine coins, otherwise, why would they do it? So there is a reward for mining coins. A finical incentive is provided. With life, there needs to be more of an incentive for people to compete against each other. Picture a college graduate. Fresh from the ceremony, going for his first job interview. He’s up against some competition, but once he gets the job, which he will because he’s a bright spark and got a 1-1 in his finals, that’s it, no more competition. All he has to do now is do whatever IT IS he does and get it all done before 5 pm. As long as he does that then he’s free to go and be as much of a degenerate as he likes.

And when I say degenerate, most people will picture a drug addicted, glazed eye, wrinkled skin, run of the muck jojo that the media tells us is a degenerate. But that’s not my definition of a degenerate. To me, a degenerate is any idiot who passes through life without actively trying to achieve some sense of fulfilment or meaning. People who have shitty lives and don’t do anything about it. People who don’t try to better themselves because they assume that everyone must be perfect the way they are.

It’s a common problem today. We see movie stars and billionaires who worked like beasts to get to where they are, people who get up at 4:30am and hustle while everyone else sleeps, people who are incredibly intelligent and make a shitload of money in unbelievably creative ways, and of course who drive supercars and live in big mansions or penthouse apartments in NYC. We see these people and see perfection. We see them as perfect and ourselves as not, so we see ourselves as inferior and lose hope on our dreams because there’s absolutely no way we could be as good as them.

What most people can’t seem to grasp is that these people we never always perfect, they hustled and fought and worked to try to achieve that sense of fulfilment and meaning and success. They started off just like everyone else, but they had persistence and dedication, and they SAW that they could change themselves by ACTIVELY putting in EFFORT. They took responsibility for their lives and ran for the hills, away from all the fucking degenerates who tried to shoot them down with their opinions and envy, purely because they couldn’t take responsibility for themselves.

Everything is moving towards autonomy, and not just the machines, but human behaviour too. We have become complacent. The majority of people will get jobs that require them to work mindlessly for a couple hours a day. There are a few up top who call the shots and invent cool shit, now they have competition, in their industry and whatnot. But for the vast majority, they don’t even like their job, it’s just a paycheck. And then they go home or go to the Pub and complain their way into depression while watching Leonardo bang supermodels on his yacht, and Elon Musk paving the way for the future of humanity, and then they look at their own lives and complain some more. Pathetic.


We NEED more competition, and we need it bad. But not only that we need people to take responsibility and grow up. Everyone is running around masking their insecurities with ‘That’s sexist’ or ‘That’s unfair’ or ‘Everyone is equal’ or ‘You can’t say that’, guess what bitch I can fucking say that. And a brain surgeon is not as equal as a degenerate. That’s the truth and that’s life. But the degenerate CAN compete. If the degenerate was to choose to do so, but most will not, they will choose to be a degenerate and then complain about being a degenerate. Fucking Pathetic.



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