The Choice Of Soldiers

Do today what you wish you did yesterday, so that tomorrow you may bath in the glory of success and rest easy with the knowledge that you are prepared for the war that is to come. In today’s world its difficult to know who to trust and who to ignore. Some people are experts at controlling the way you think. People can reel you into their world so easily that your own perspective can be dissolved into oblivion. Every day we fight wars. Internal wars where the casualties far outweigh the survivors. Peace of mind can quickly escalate into chaos. Chaos can escalate into suffering. And suffering can either strengthen or destroy.


Those that survive are never the same. That’s life, we are constantly changing, constantly reinventing. Whether that reinvention is an upgrade or a downgrade is the choice of soldiers. But never forget that the result of that decision is always the same. A soldier either becomes a warrior or a civilian. A warrior is relentless, strategic and unforgiving. A warrior commands respect from those know what he has endured.

A civilian is not a thinking man. A civilian is merely the result of his environment. Too afraid to fight, and too scared to stand up. A civilian hides, he runs from the fire and leaps into the safety of water. A civilian commands no respect. As a result, he feels insecure, he knows that the ground beneath him is weak and crumbling with every passing day. He leaps to and fro trying to find solid ground but never with any success. Being a product of his environment he blames those who laid the foundations. But never himself.

A warrior does not run from the fire. He fights it. Instead of using the water as comfort he uses it to propel him further into the flames. Instead of trying to find solid ground, he stands tall and strong and creates the foundations beneath him. A warrior does not lay blame. He sees the battlefield for what it is, not for what he wants it to be. He stands up to those that light the fires of destruction, and in turn, he sets the world ablaze with a fire of his own.


It is always the civilian that criticises the warrior. The civilian has a false sense of power as a result of his being. The civilian will criticise the world that the warrior created because he didn’t have the courage to do what he knew he could have done. Eventually the civilian will die. But a warrior never dies. A warrior is so fierce, he wages war against the ultimate enemy, time. And as time passes he becomes a beacon of strength and inspiration for the soldiers of tomorrow.


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