Actions Over Words

Judge people by their actions not by their words. The sheer amount of absolute shit people talk on a daily basis is actually incredible. People always talk about what they plan on doing or what they’re thinking about doing. But the important thing to remember is that they usually never do those things, or if they do, they do it when it’s well overdue. Now I’ve talked about this before so I won’t try and bore you again with the same arguments. But there is one thing that this applies to that most people overlook.

In movies and pop culture, we see lots of universal themes that display protagonists standing up for what they believe in, and having the courage to go their own way and not listen to the opinions of others. It’s cliche now. And ANYWHERE you go you will see people saying the same shit. ‘Do what you love’, ‘Don’t live a life you’ll regret’, ‘What do you care what others think about you?’, ‘I want to travel the world in a van and make sweet love to a coconut’ (maybe not that last one). We always hear this stuff being passed around by people we know. And it’s funny because most of the time the people who say this shit are the ones who are insecure about it. Those who say ‘Do what you love’ probably hate their lives. Those who say ‘You shouldn’t care about other people opinions’ most likely cry when they don’t get a certain amount of likes on Instagram.


These ideas have been glorified in every way possible, and I find that so infuriating because they are great ideas. Ideas that can change someone’s life if they are truly willing to do it. Now, however, so many people throw these ideas around, that most people don’t think it’s possible to achieve them. I felt this way for a long time. I would hear about stuff like Tim Ferriss’s ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’ and I’d think that’s fucking incredible. But when I saw that so many people had tried it and failed I thought it wasn’t possible anymore. I thought that the window of opportunity had closed indefinitely. Which it may have for the 4 hour work week, but certainly not for the other stuff. Usually, when someone has success with something, EVERYONE tries to do what they did. And I’ve been thinking about this and the only explanation I can seem to come up with is that everyone wants a sure thing. So when they see someone else succeed at something, they immediately chase the exact same thing, hoping they can get a taste of glory. But more often than not, that’s the worst thing to do.


I put all the blame for this on dopamine abuse. I know I know, I won’t shut up about poxy dopamine, but it seriously is such a major problem. That being said I am back using social media. BUT I use it in a very different way than most idiots. I am now using it to try and grow a personal brand, grow my blog, and launch a few business ideas. I will soon be launching into something that no one in Dublin seems to be doing, and it requires a LOT of learning. I’ve got books and blogs and videos pilled up just waiting for me to consume them.

Anyway, its St. Patricks day and while all my friends are at the pub, I’m at home with a bottle of Heineken and a day of work ahead of me. Part of me feels like I’m missing out but most of me know it will all pay off. As long as I keep learning, have persistence and step up to the opportunities presented to me, I know I will succeed.

Keep Hustling.
And Happy Drinking ☘️


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