The Pitfall Of Attractive Ideas

As humans, we love to follow attractive ideas and movements. Ideas and movements that we see as being morally correct. But more often than not, we naturally don’t adhere to those same ideas. Like when someone beautiful asks you to do something, you’re way more likely to do it than if someone ugly asked you. As humans were are naturally down to a beautiful face. A few weeks ago, I was waiting at the bus stop, when a girl approached me and asked if she could call someone on my phone. She explained that she had an appointment to get her eyebrows done or some shit, I don’t remember I didn’t really care enough to listen, but I said ‘sure no problem’, because she was fucking gorgeous.


And I think it’s funny because usually if someone asked me the same thing, I’d tell them I have no phone credit or I’d make up some shitty excuse that both of us know isn’t true but they can’t really argue either. But I mean this girl was rocking. I was a little sketched out, because of all the scenes in movies where a beautiful girl is used to seduce some poor lad, and then a group of thugs beat him to a pulp and leave him physically and emotionally scared for the rest of his life. But nothing like that happened. She called her stylist or whoever, spoke for a few minutes in Russian, and then handed the phone back to me, flashed a smile and said thanks.

It’s a weird one because everyone talks about equality and all that PC shit, but this is the way our minds work, and that’s just that. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that at all, but it seems that it’s an idea that people have decided to vilify. If you had to kill a rat or a kitten, which would you choose? Everyone is probably going to choose to kill the rat (if you don’t that’s fucking weird). And if you asked everyone why, they’d say ‘The kitten is just so cuuuute’ or ‘Rats are rodents’ or ‘I love kittens’. Who are we to say that the rat deserves to die more than the kitten? That rat could have been the Einstein or Elon Musk of rats. That kitten could have been a rapist. But we all decided to judge a book by its cover, something that we as a society have vilified.

We have vilified it so that we can make ourselves sound like better people. So when someone judges someone else by how they look we can pitch in and make ourselves look like the bigger man. It’s like women slut-shaming, they don’t do it because it’s shameful, they do it because some girl got to get off with the lad they wanted. They say they don’t sleep around just to make themselves sound like better people when in reality everyone sleeps around. And this is a major factor in the whole women empowerment thing that’s been going on. So-called ‘feminists’ are urging women to become single mothers and all that because they can be strong without a man. No one said they couldn’t be strong without a man, and I’ve no experience with this, but I can’t imagine being a single mother is much fun. It’s quite evident that women have preconceived notions of how men behave. Women will say ‘Men ain’t shit’ because they’ve spent their entire life chasing some Chad who just used them for sex and then fucked someone else when they got boring, even though those same women have been surrounded by plenty of other ‘non-Chad’ guys.


A woman will always say, ‘Nice guys finish first’, and ‘All a woman wants is a someone who cares about her’. That’s the biggest load of bollocks. Nice guys only finish first when the woman there chasing is 35 years old and has realised that she needs to find a hubby soon because in a few years she won’t be able to have a baby. So all the women who spend their lives from the age of 16 to 35 fucking alpha playboys, begin to panic and they settle for the first beta bitch that falls onto their lap. Women are literally walking contradictions. They don’t know what they want because they act on their emotions and not logic and reason.

Now I don’t want to come across as an asshole, although I probably already have, but the last few generations of men, seem to have lost the ability to be men. We have created a feminine-primary society where every argument and debate ties in with some female orientated ideal. Like ‘Men don’t have to be tough’ or ‘Boys can play with Barbie dolls as much as they like’. It’s the women that push this stuff, and the men don’t bother arguing because they know better than to argue with a woman who has gotten an idea into her head. The feminist movement has destroyed the natural hierarchy that we evolved into. To go against this would be to go against our nature, which is just suicide. Now I’m not saying that men are more superior or women are more superior. Men would be lost without women and vice versa. But women are becoming increasingly more lost, as all the men have become beta as fuck.


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