The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone – Book Review

Grant Cardone is a world-renowned salesman, I could go so far as to say one of the best in the world. I have spent a large proportion of time watching his youtube videos which are extremely informative and educational, what I like about Grant most is that he does live cold calls and role playing so you can see exactly how he handles clients objections in real calls.

After seeing how good his content is I decided to go ahead and get his book ‘The 10X Rule’. Here is my review:


The main message of the book is massive action, as Grant calls it. He advocates that we 10X our goals and commit everyday to achieving them with relentless and unwavering action. Grant details exactly how to do this. In my position as a Facebook Marketer, taking massive action for my business would mean to cold call the living shit out of every business I can find a number for. If you used to make 10 calls a day, Grant says you should be doing 100. 10X everything, your goals, your actions and most importantly your mindset.

I think that this is undoubtedly great advice. I have yet to implement it in terms of action for myself, but it has altered my goals and my approach to business. Wether you do cold calling or not, this book can help you see what is necessary to achieve the your goals + some. Not only does he advocate calling more people, but following up with those people, over and over again until you close the deal. I was amused by the stories he tells of people complaining about all the follow up calls, only for those same people to become clients of his.

Grant certainly knows his stuff, and he knows what it takes to build an empire. I was impressed with how he was quick to even critique himself and how he failed to properly implement the 10X rule in his past. One of the most important messages in the book is his approach to success. Grant does not view success as money or wealth, he views is as an obligation, a duty, and his mission. He knows that success is not something you can achieve by doing a few hours work and then kicking your feet up and watching Netflix or scrolling through a Tumblr feed.


The book, in and of itself, is incredibly motivating. While reading the stories he tells of calling clients and being relentless with the follow up, it made me want to drop the book, pick up the phone and start dialling. I respect Grant for the work he puts into his company and the sheer amount of action he takes, and not only that but the incredible attitude he has all the while.

In the book he tells the story of how he got his TV show. He literally went out of his way to do everything that the produces should have been doing, and had everything in place for them before he even had the show. People today sit back and wait for life to happen to them, but people like Grant go out and happen to life. He took the situation into his own hands, when others wouldn’t do it. I think almost everyone can learn from this level of affirmative action. Too many people today rely on other people to do shit for them, when they should be relying on only themselves.

Grant really is an inspiration and a role model to follow. I have learnt so much about sales from his free content that I can’t even imagine what his paid content is like. After reading the book, I think I should use this opportunity to write my goals on this digital piece of paper and send it into the global conglomerate interconnected network of computers that is referred to as the internet for everyone to see and so that I don’t back down as I have quite and ego and a lot of pride.

As of writing this I am 19 years of age. I recently started a new business, which is a digital marketing agency and I have some eCommerce businesses and I have some investments in crypto which I will be adding to over the years. My five year goal, that is when I turn 24, is to make €10 million. I know that this may be a little audacious but I’m 10X’ing that shit. To quote an age old phrase, which essentially describes the 10X Rule, “Shoot for the stars and land on the moon”. Even if I only achieve 1/2 or even 1/4 of that goal, then it will still have been worth it. With massive action comes massive results.

A motto from the school I used to go to;

“Two men looked out the prison bars, one saw mud the other saw stars”.

I strive to be the latter.


2 thoughts on “The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone – Book Review

  1. Wonderful piece Cormac. Makes me feel lazy. Will keep 10x in mind. It’s a good standard to work with and to observe how Grant keeps pushing and going forward after knocks.

    Liked by 1 person

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